*** Build the AC-1 Junior ***
The AC-1 Junior, One Tube QRP Transmitter, is a follow-up to the first kit I offered, the Glowbug 40. This kit is very
similar to the Glowbug 40 kit but it includes some extra features not found in the first kit. These features include
automatic antenna switching, break-in keying and a 3-position crystal selection switch so you can switch between 3
crystals in the same band. Output circuit is a pi-network for reduced harmonic output and the kit includes a high
quality silk screened enclosure.
AC-1 Junior Features:
* Can be built for the 40 or 30 meter band with approximately 1 watt output.
* Crystal selection switch allows switching between crystals in the same band.
* Safe voltage (9 volts or less) at key. Safe for you and your keyer.
* Built-in high voltage power supply.
* Break-in keying.
* T/R circuit is a relay so it's not frequency selective. You can keep the AC-1 Junior
in-line with your receiver while monitoring other bands.
How it works...

The 6AQ5/6005 tube is connected
as an electron-coupled crystal
oscillator. The output of the
oscillator is routed through a
pi-network that transforms the
high impedance output of the
oscillator to a low impedance of
about 50 ohms to match the
antenna's input impedance. The
pi-network also reduces the
harmonic output of the transmitter
to meet FCC requirements. The
key operates a high speed relay
which keys the tube cathode and
also does the antenna switching.
Sold Out Of Kits!
I do not know at this time if I will do another run of these kits. I will announce it here if I
decide to. Thanks very much to all that purchased kits! I appreciate all the kind email's I
have received regarding the kit. Best regards, Dwight Morrison, KG4HSY
Email: kg4hsy@yahoo.com